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We’re thrilled to introduce you to Psychology in Practice, a cutting-edge company in Malta that’s revolutionising the field of psychology. We’re two registered and warranted psychologists who have come together to combine occupational psychology and clinical psychology, creating something truly unique and innovative.

Our goal is to establish a vibrant professional development hub where organisations can access a range of learning, training, and psychological assessment services. We’re excited to bring this fresh approach to Malta, offering tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses like yours. We believe that by integrating these two disciplines, we can offer a more holistic and evidence-based approach to addressing the psychological well-being of individuals, teams, and organisations. It’s all about creating a healthy and thriving workforce, which we know is crucial for your organisation’s success.

The brains behind Psychology in Practice

Get To Know Us

As two warranted psychologists, we seamlessly merge two schools of thought, harnessing over 20 years of collective academic and corporate expertise directly to your business.

Kim Spiteri

Managing Partner & Occupational Psychologist

Mary Rose Gatt

Managing Partner & Clinical Psychologist

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Together, we’ll create a work environment that’s psychologically healthy and thriving.

Kim Spiteri


Kim Spiteri is a warranted occupational psychologist based in Malta, holding an MSc in Occupational Psychology. With over thirteen years of experience in the field, working with large corporations across various industries, Kim is a trusted partner for businesses seeking psychological support and development. Her action-oriented nature drives her belief in the transformative power of psychology in improving teams and organisations.

Kim brings a unique and integrated approach to her work, providing holistic solutions that enhance the psychological well-being and performance of individuals, teams, and organisations. As a co-founder of Psychology in Practice, she is dedicated to delivering high-quality services tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Professionalism, ethics, and confidentiality are of utmost importance to Kim, and she remains committed to staying current with the latest research and best practices in the field. With her passion, expertise, and dedication, Kim is dedicated to making a positive impact and helping clients achieve their goals.

Mary Rose Gatt


Mary Rose is a licensed clinical psychologist interested in conducting psychological assessments and unravelling the intricate and enduring impacts of life experiences on thought patterns and behaviours. In addition to running her private practice, she specialises in providing therapeutic support to adults with trauma and attachment issues.

On the corporate front, Mary Rose is dedicated to developing practice-based learning and training workshops focused on mental health, interpersonal skills, team dynamics, leadership, and overall well-being. Her expertise in these areas enables her to deliver valuable insights and strategies to organisations seeking to enhance their workforce’s psychological health and performance.

Mary Rose’s commitment to knowledge dissemination extends beyond her practice, as she also serves as a visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Social Wellbeing at the University of Malta. Through her role, she contributes to the education and training of future professionals in the field, fostering a culture of social and psychological well-being..