Psychology in Practice is not an emergency support service. If you are in a crisis or if you need support urgently, below is a list of organisations that can provide you with immediate help.

Emergency Services

112 – Police and Ambulance Emergency Service

2545 0000 – Mater Dei Hospital Emergency Department (ED)

2344 6000 – Gozo General Hospital

Free 24/7 Mental Health Services

1579 – National Mental Health Helpline

1770 – Richmond Foundation Mental Health Helpline

179 – Supportline 179 is the national helpline offering support, information about local social welfare services and other agencies. – Mental health chat service offered by Richmond Foundation. – Online support service run by trained staff and volunteers reachable through chat, email and smart messaging.

2141 5183 – Mental Health Services Malta refer to a national mental health services offering both inpatient and community services.

Other Free Support Services

2122 4580 – Richmond Foundation offer all-round support to anyone experiencing mental health problems and the people who live and work with them.

2122 8333 – Victim Support Malta provide assistance to victims of crime, such as theft and burglary, domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, discrimination and cybercrime.

2388 5110 – Sedqa Malta is the national agency carrying out health promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services to persons with drug, alcohol and compulsive gambling problems and their families.

2219 9000 – Caritas Malta offer a number of outreach community services in relation to alcohol and drug abuse. They also provide support to others in need including the homeless, victims of usury, the elderly, people with HIV and Aids and people with epilepsy.

2295 9000 – Aġenzija Appoġġ is the national agency providing psycho-social welfare support to individuals and families. Their services include the provision of support to those experiencing domestic violence, child abuse, homelessness, loneliness and human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

2256 8000 – Aġenzija Sapport is the national agency offering services for persons with disability and their families.